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AI Advanced Marketing For Regulated Firms

Craig Petronella

AI Advanced Marketing for Regulated Firms is a bleeding-edge podcast that arms your regulated business with the latest in marketing hacks that leverage artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, lead generation strategies, customer segmentation processes, and website regulatory compliance mandates such as GDPR, ADA and FTC.Petronella Technology Group, Inc. is a Platinum Certified Sharpspring Marketing Automation Provider that is also proficient with Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Click Funnels, Google PPC, Microsoft, Facebook and more!Marketing companies using the strategies of the past won’t be able to help companies succeed, going forward. The industry has been turned upside down by artificial intelligence, and companies that understand technology are the new gurus of the Marketing space.Petronella Technology Group weaves two worlds together: Digital Marketing & AI. As an emerging leader in the field, we understand how to blend old ideas with new strategies and technologies. The Age of the Geek has dawned, and he / she who understands technology holds the future in their hands.Learn how to track and measure all your marketing campaigns. PTG can help you architect custom KPI data and analytics dashboards by leveraging secure APIs to connect all of your line of business software. Get a single pane of glass pulse on all your marketing; online and offline. Leverage heatmap technology to improve your website user experience.Empower artificial intelligence to streamline lead generation, customer journey, sales pipeline, targeted “Smart” marketing, dynamic content, automated email drips, automated workflows, segmented lists, tracking tags, customer personas, social media posts, CRM database, dynamic / rules-based lists, campaign tracking, and more.AI Advanced Marketing for Regulated Firms Podcast discusses strategies that are centered on your People, Processes, & Technology. When these 3 areas are optimized and fluent with each other, you build scalable & successful business that are equipped to outperform competitors and increase market share.All of this, while keeping in compliance with regulatory compliance. Thanks to AI, we can ensure that your marketing efforts follow certain rules / processes each and every time. For regulated firms, AI is the unsung hero. Human error is a major cause of compliance shortcomings, and technology can help to close this gap.PTG uses a segmented approach to all things: let People relate to other People, let Processes drive strategies, and let Technology fill all the gaps. We specialize in helping firms that are subject to NIST, HIPAA, CMMC, GDPR, PCI, and other forms of compliance meet regulatory requirements through SMART software and by finding the correct balance between People, Processes, & Technology.Correct balance of these three pillars of any business results in synergistically charged operations that are both sustainable & successful.Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world in countless ways. Businesses that integrate AI into their practices have considerable advantage over companies running outdated business process that are labor-intensive.Learn from a world-renowned authority on technology, how to unleash the full potential of your business by incorporating smart software that your people understand, and your technology supports. Allow your people to focus on what they are best at: creating & cultivating relationships.Craig Petronella has over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, technology, and compliance. As an industry expert certified by MIT in AI, Blockchain, & Hyperledger, Craig is in a unique position to consult on automation (AI) as it affects all industries. Marketing is one of the industries that is an early adopter of breakthrough AI technologies, and Petronella Technology Group is a pioneer of the AI revolution.

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